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Ward al Hind


Ward is the fragrance that emits purity, felicity, saintliness and sobriety. Ward! If serenity is to be expressed in some external phenomenon, what else can be the most appropriate choice but ‘Ward’!

Ward al Hind is NOT an ordinary mass market commercial oil at all. It is artisanally distilled ‘Hasayan Chaiti Ward/ Gulab/ Rose’. ‘Chait’ is the month when Hasayan Rose scent is at its peak. Flowers plucked before the sunrise. Petals separated meticulously to avoid green sticky weird notes. NEVER TAKE IT EASY, GUYS! Here, separating petals and distilling only delicate petals are not that easy a job. And then distilling it as per Tabeer Oud criterion has made it unique, rare and precious.

Rose has immense variety, and each has its particular tones and profiles. Hasayan Hindi (Ward al Hindi) is deeply pacifying and delicately meditative. Touch the bottle and be lost in Ward al Hind Ocean! No need to swipe; a dab is enough.

“WAH” is absolutely free from any off notes. This is why its aroma is perfect Rose and just Rose.

Ward al Hind would establish its worth and value by exhibiting its incredible beauty.


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