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Raheeq- vintage parfum- is all Oud, Musk, and Rose! Oud leads and the rest escort the king and strengthen its vigour.

Tabeer had been working on parfum for the last two years. Multiple options were there to execute, but we decided to start from the imperial and royal scent- Agarwood. Tinctured high end ingredients, and macerated top notch animalic scents to create Raheeq (Vintage Fragrant Wine).

It is an obviously radical parfum in a sense we didn’t let the ingredients change their Intrinsic behaviour at all. So, the innate aroma of Oud, Rose, Musk and Sandal is very much intact. Oils blends in the form of parfum! Double edged sword it is. This first parfum by Tabeer would prove itself to be momentous and memorable.

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