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Sultan Saladin


Sultan Saladin (Kalakassi)

Kalakassi Agarwood is black diamond. Second, acquiring fully resinous, decently aged Agarwood is not that easy a task. This is the only treasure that is beyond online business dealings. It nullifies the modern proverb that money buys everything. Kalakassi is another story. State to state one has to go, and call on the collectors and prove your being a genuine enthusiast to be blessed with the rare black diamonds.

It took Tabeer Oud almost three years to collect Kalakassi Agarwood. It was all cumbersome, but it was worth the hectic span of time. First, we decided to offer Kalakassi wood, but new distillation plant, and long discussions with the genuine veteran and maestro distillers, it was decided to distill it. And the wood turned to dust, and soaked for a week, and then new distillation plant (specially designed still and condenser). The result is OUD SALADIN.
Oud Saladin is the fragrance with Saladin-ian spirit, zest, focus and flare. Thanks be To Allah Who enable Tabeer Oud to offer this sort of Oud that is more than legend and epic. Fire, air, water, soil! Each basic element is there in this oil in the truest sense of the word. Scent profile literally transcends language. It is just Saladin- Oud Saladin.

Only 12 bottles are available. ‘First come, first serve’ will be observed. (Someday, certain realities and truths will be shared to brush away the false beliefs and misconceptions about Agarwood, scent profile, yield, etc.


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