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Raja Megh


(Oud Meghalaya)

Oud is in reality the fragrance of fragrances. Hindi Oud is the emperor of Oud Kingdom. And when we talk about Hindi Oud, Meghalaya stands tall.

Raja Megh is pure liquid gold. This is what can be considered *”Oud as such”*. Experienced Oud heads would forget any Oud legends, and newbies would certainly experience the most stunning Oud fragrance. Sniff the Oudy potion, and then all will be crystal clear to you why Meghalaya is the epitome of Agarwood.

Top notes of RM are soberly oudwoody, freshly snapped of twigs, and bubbling Oud resin on na electric heater. Refine and just refine welcoming nuance is the hall mark of Raja Megh. One would think it is the Hindi Oud that encompasses all other species and regions.

Torrential oudy notes coupled with sweetly animalic musky trail are worth-experiencing. The next phase- middle notes- is like gliding over some clearing, and gentle waves of wild honey, raw Ceylon cinnamon and fennel and perfect Agallocha DNA. Here I would say this Agallocha scent trail is not an ordinary one at all. It is Meghalayan Agallocha, which is perfection personified. The last phase- base notes- is all about Oriental potpourri of Agarwood, Oud oil, Oud precious magma/resin and primal aroma of mother earth.

Raja Megh is a *living legend!*. Its first swipe would affirm that the scent profile is true to the name, Raja Megh, and first puff of the fragrance would authenticate this Oud oil transcends artisanal world.


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