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Oud Sarmad


Oud Sarmad

This is the advent of Post Artisanal Oud Era, both in terms of quality and price!

If premium agarwood is distilled with utmost vigilance, professional approach and love, the fragrance would definitely be ‘Sarmad’. This Burmese Oud oil is surely going to be a living legend because it reflects everything that a premium grade oil is supposed to possess. Its meditative aroma, romantic shades, rhythmic projection and pristine smoothness are the attributes worth-experiencing, worth-loving.

Genuine artistic and creative sensibility leads to such twists and tweaks in distillation that the oil smells exceedingly smooth without losing its power.

Oud Sarmad is Burmese and shares the nuances of Yunan and Mizoram agarwood too due its geographical conditions, but its Burmese nucleus is solid and stable.


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