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Oud al Ra’azi


Al Ra’azi

A traditional Oud oil! Top to toe traditional, and traditional doesn’t mean fecal and unnecessarily barnyardish at all. Unfortunately, a false notion has spread or has wrongly propagated that traditional oil is fecal and unbearable. IT IS ALL DUE TO BEING UNAWARE OF OUD DNA or DUE TO SOME AGENDA.

Traditional Oud is meant to be strongly leathery woody smokey. When olfactory is intact and is free from taints of chemical, it rushes to traditional Oud oil. Just imagine what made Agarwood the most sought after scent in the world. Traditional Touch!!! This is why it is rightly said: The road to oud ends with Oud, particularly with Hindi Oud, and more specifically genuinely Traditional Hindi Oud.

Al Ra’azi represents the Old School Hindi. It exudes masculine black leather tone along with smokey woody and a little barn shade, which actually doesn’t punch in the nose but keeps lurking behind the flimsy layer of oudy leathery smokey woody clouds.


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