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Mysuru Maharaj



Sandal! Mystic! Yogi! These are synonyms. But here Sandal means Mysore Sandal. No offence at all, there is only one Sandal, and that is Mysore Sandal. The rest are its either nearest or remotest reflections. On ground situation is quite perplexing. Assamese Sandal, Tamil Nadu Sandal, Bangladeshi Sandal, Sri Lankan Sandal, and more particularly, Australian Santalum Album is being sold as Mysore Sandal while none reflects even fifty per cent of Mysuru Santal DNA at all. Climate, soil, water do matter a lot.
Musuru Maharj is the continuity of Mysore Royale that was offered last year, but this time the focus was to capture simple and pure Mysore Sandal signature scent, free from copper pot scent. It has been distilled in a stainless steel pot. This is a big opportunity to have Sandal, purely Mysore. Mysuru Maharaj is woody creamy, creamy citrusy and woody citrusy, but its woodiness, citrusiness and creaminess is not bland, drab and linear all, but highly dynamic. Distilling such precious heartwood and roots in a stainless steel pot was an excellent decision. This is what we realized when fumes in the air sensed in the air. Its equipoised aroma makes one live the golden era when royal courts of maharajas smell Sandal.
For a Mysuru Santal nerd, this Maharaj is a must.

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1gms (Highrecovery Vial), 2.5Gms, 5gms, 10gms


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