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Agarwood + Mysore Sandalwood Co Distillation



Kashi is the union of hearts: Sandal heartwood, Oud heartwood, and the creator’s/ distiller’s heart.

It is NOT a blend; it is NOT an infusion. It is a co-distillation. Yes, again, IT IS A CO-DISTLLATION of Mysore Sandalwood and Hindi Agarwood. This is why it is vibrant, elevating, fascinating and calming. This oil is the true and perfect representative of Oriental fragrance.

I waited patiently, and kept visiting different places and various Sandalwood collectors to find genuine Mysore Sandalwood. It took years to reach the destination, and the Agarwood used to distill was HINDI

The second ordeal was to distill oil. It took me consecutive 18 days (non-stop distillation) to complete the batch.

Moreover, co-distillation has its own parameters and SOPs. No doubt, it was quite hectic, but I was committed to distill some oil with such techniques and measures beyond artisanal. Kashi is not the matter of putting wood dust into the pot and lighting up fire and letting water flow in the pyrex condenser and after two or three days collecting oil with some back-ground music.

No! It was all just like creating a piece of art of miniature painting.

If I have to describe Kashi in a single sentence, I would instantly utter ‘Apex of delicacy, rarity and depth’. Sweet and silky Oudy opening notes are equally meditative and addictive. These gorgeous opening fondles the olfactory and transports one to the horizon when the earth and the heaven meet. Kashi is the horizon where Oud and Sandal met. Underneath tone of Mysore Sandal adorns the Oudy opening of the oil, and later, the whole fragrant scenario transforms into deeper and vaster heart notes. Actually heart notes determine the vigour of any oil.

Here, heart is ‘creamy Oud’ and ‘masculine Sandal’ along with quite subtle shades of vintage but freshening spice incense stick. Oud and Sandal overlap in the heart notes, and this harmonic overlapping has infused uniqueness into this oil. One would wish this phase stays forever.Here Mysore Sandal signature aroma- mildly creamy, lemony and heartwoody

Kashi will be the most sought after oil in a few weeks because of its overwhelming beauty.


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