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Tabeer- Kakochang

Tabeer Welcomes you all Oud Lovers on board once again…

Yes, our first batch of oil was already loved by many oud users.We thank them all for generous reviews and support. It’s one of the reason which inspired us to move a step ahead and bring another beautiful oud oil to fullfill the urge of a New Generation Hindi Oud oils.

“Kakochang”, named after a waterfall from where the Distillation waters were collected, it’s in the Karbianglong district and the wood that we used comes from the near by bordering area of Golaghat and Karbianglong.

Kakochang will take you deep into those untouched areas of Upper Assam to enjoy the fresh- white floral- cool breeze with Earthy, Minty- Camphoric notes. Citrusy and Sweet white floral opening with berries and touch of oud wood freshen up the senses and surprises with what’s coming next.

Using Kakochang water was like seeking blessings from mother nature to bring out the best for us and yes things went well. Also the raw material is something to cheer for, the high incence grade wood resulted in the sweet honeyed- Incency oudy note. Although the oil is young but the aroma is well captured so as to taste it soft and round.

Well, the colour of the oil is something you don’t see in old classical Hindi oils. New users may find it friendly to fullfill their olfactory experience where as experienced users will b surprised to find this New era Hindi oil. Experience the complexity of this beautiful Hindi oud oil “Kakochang”.

We are sure that “Kakochang” and all the upcoming oils will bring joy on the faces of Users.


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