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Hainan Suprema



Hainan Agarwood! And a distiller imagines white and black pepper soaked in freshly extracted Oud resin and the scent of stone and soil. Scent of stones! Yes, stones do have particular scent. Hainan Suprema is genuinely crème de la crème Agarwood oil as its being aged and then the quality of wood distilled in a copper still have given the oil a meditative touch. HS’ sheeny dark incensey aroma tinged with super strong ‘Hainan-ish’ Oud scent and the distiller’s art have created something more than Hainan Agarwood. This is why it is Hainan Suprema. Here one would experience the power of Hindi, and zest of Indonesian and depth of Brunei. Mark it, please! Complete and perfect to be treasured and loved.


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0.5gms (high recovery vial), 1gms (Highrecovery Vial), 2.5Gms, 5gms, 10gms


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