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Gaharu Hutan



Malinau, o Malinau Agarwood! Mystery personified and beauty incarnate! Indo Oud, Malinau, profile is one of the best scent profiles. Equally mind-numbing and psychedelic as its lake bottom slime aroma having the seductive scent of pure waters and driftwood casts spell, absolutely irresistible.this is what Gaharu hutan is all about.

By the way, who’s there to resist such a seductive spell. Gaharu Hutan is a vintage Oud oil that had been distilled five years before. Wood selected for the batch was of an excellent grade, and distillation equipment used was exclusively made for the said oil. Two condensors, vertical and horizontal, were connected to collect the highly refined oil, free from any residues and wax.

Second, the oil had been cured in a natural way as we didn’t MADE it cure, but ‘time’ did so. Gaharu Hutan’s platonic love sorta fragrance is to live and experience nirvanic effect while being in sheer solitude. Its emerald-ic vert aroma having subtle nuances of mild and meek soil and soft and silky breeze glides in the air, harmoniously and rhythmically. This is re-living time immemorial when eco system was intact.


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0.5gms (high recovery vial), 1gms (Highrecovery Vial), 2.5Gms, 5gms, 10gms


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