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Cuir Ambre


Cuir Ambre

Traditional fragrance by Tabeer Oud that reflects the beauty of pure and precious ingredinets! Aqua animalic Ambergris, non-barny Meghalaya Oud, creamy woody Mysore Sandal, and heavenly Chaiti Gulab! The rest one can imagine.

A vintage Oud had been blended, and it has created a wonderful feel that lasts for a long time. Ambergris-y aquatic scent and sizzling sultry flare of Chaiti Gulab have joined hand in hand.

Dab a bit and experience its charismatic effect!

As it is the first Attar being offered by us, it is being offered at a minimal margin. The quality of ingredinets and the magical fragrance of Time can be experienced in Cuir Ambre.


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