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Coeur de Santal



Tabeer Oud offered Mysore Santal oil (extracted from roots) when it had falsely been disseminated that Mysore Sandalwood has vanished; it had been done to create room for non-Mysore Sandalwood .

We offered Mysore Royale and Mysore Maharaj, and now here comes Coeur de Santal. It is the continuity of Mysore Santal Tradition. Heartwood is the most cherished and valued Sandalwood because its aroma represents Mysorean Santal Signature. This definite signature cannot be described in bland and drab expressions: woody and buttery. If the oil is just woody, that is not Mysore (or most probably insanely adulterated), and if it is buttery, the oil is again not Mysore (or most probably a stretched oil.)

Coeur de Santal is slightly airy and zephyry scent having quite comforting freshly sawed vintage log, and the best shade is the very heart of this profile- Mysorean Santalol Alpha and Beta. This particular tone leads the rest of tones. CdS is of such quality that would surely drag one out of the absurd and ridiculous descriptions of Mysore Santal, and one would live the true meaning of Mysorean Signature, which is all flora and fauna of Mysore.

This freshly distilled batch is being offered at lowest price to make our valued customers experience the beauty of the blissful land Mysore- Coeur de Bharta.

Mark it please: Mysore Sandal would remain available at Tabeer Oud, but this price might not come again.

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1gms (Highrecovery Vial), 2.5Gms, 5gms, 10gms


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