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Tripura Encens


Tripura Encens

Here comes the Oud of Ouds! Tripura district is located between Mizoram State and Bangladesh. Its climatic condition and chemistry of soil has specific traits that one can sniff and perceive in Agarwood of the area. Hindi Mizoram and Hindi Sylheti get infused and a slight touch of incensey spicy sweet pungency are the salient features of Tripura Oud that have made it rare into rare, perfect into perfect and meditative into meditative.

Tripura Encens is quality turned to liquid gold. Copper still, and the wood free from bouya or white bunk, and pure TABEER OUD distillation techniques have made it possible to present ENCENS in Oud oil form.

Very sophisticated Oud fumes escorted by sweet and sour mettalic nuances in top, and anise-y and cardamom-y warmth in the heart, and masculine grace and majesty in base are beds of this Oud Encens Ocean. Powerhouse! Yes, its dab lasts for hours.


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