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Saqar Al Hind


Assam is Oud, and vice versa. Both reflect each other. When we talk about Assamese Oud, the best expression, undoubtedly, is ‘falcon sort of oud’! Yes, it is ‘Saqar al Hind’. Overwhelming tenacious and tenaciously oudy, and free from barn and skank! Top to drydown, its powerful aroma never let one think anything, but Saqar al Hind.

The aroma evolves like a falcon soaring in the sky and then swooping down to its prey. Magnificent! Oriental spices, roasted cocoa beans and oudy animalic nuances are there to cast their spell.

Saqar al Hind is here to testify that Assamese Oud is for brave heart Oud veterans. Its powerful aroma travels afar and stays with the user for long. Bitter chocolatish tone has given a gorgeous touch to the overall effect of the Oud.


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