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Region – Manipur
Year – 2021

Pakhang- Manipur

“Pakhang” is our another non-traditional, new Age Hindi oud oil.

This time we went little further for choosing materials and Distillation techniques to get more refined aroma and taking you closer to typical Subitism burner experience with Natural Warmth of Agarwood, floral sweetness and Incency calmness.

This opens with lovely soft hay note along with earthy smell.It reveals some floral elements, along with light tobacco notes at last in drydown settles on incensy base like as if you have kept finest oud wood on subitism burner. Overall experience is quite theurapatic, calming and relaxing like sitting on lap of nature.

As we said Non-traditional, so expect no barn or funk rather a smooth ride of hovering above the forest floor and let nature take care of rest.

Dive into the calming experience of “Pakhang” taking you to ancient Manipur.

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