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Brahmaputra II


Brahmaputra II
Assam and Agarwood are almost synonyms. More particularly, Upper Assam is famous for the high quality Agarwood, both sinking and incense grades. If one is whole heartedly committed and ample means are there, even today one can acquire the best quality Oudwood to distill.
Tabeer Oud has only one objective: providing high end Oud oils at reasonable prices. This is why I personally visited different districts in Upper Assam, tried different wood, and then selected the one from Golaghat. It wasn’t a random selection, nor was it acquired being home, and making deals on WhatsApp. No, never! I personally met the hunters, and then applied all techniques to measure the quality of wood. Then I decided to have this particular wood to distill and provide its oil to our valued and respected customers.
Brahmaputra I was the first batch that Tabeer Oud offered approximately two months before. THE OIL SPEAKS is true to Brahmaputra I. Those who acquired that oil would second the superb and perfect quality profile of the Oil.
Here Tabeer Oud offers Brahmaputra II! The same wood, but the second batch, and a little variation in distillation techniques. I wish I had Taken the Pic.aromatic drizzling of Oud oil into the collector! Brahmaputra II is more refined as the whole concentration on capturing the aroma present into the fiber in the form of resin. Low temperature is the fundamental of ‘artisanal Oud oil’ and, this time, I went a little further, and distilled it on lower temperature. Distillation span stretched to so many days and night. But the scent profile of Brahmaputra II is the fruit of those days.
Brahmaputra II is a liquid fragrant rainbow! Its greeting wave makes the mind and soul think it is some delicately bunched slightly musky flowers and placed around the incense burner where top end Oudwood is on the coal, and wafts are rising up, slowly and steadily. redundant chocolate, but only Agallocha resin being heated, and that inherent divine scent gets liberated.

If Brahmaputra I Oud was Alpha, Brahmaputra II Oud is surely Omega.


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