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Agallocha Fera


Road to Oud definitely ends with Hindi Agallocha! But kaleidoscopic Agallocha is yet to be explored as a vast majority has not got their hands on the Agallocha having Bangladeshi nuances. Sylhet Oud is the least explored Oud, or better say neglect Oud. But whosoever ever encountered this very Agarwood oil, it became the top most priority to experience and live the fragrances that reflects all colours of Sylhet ecology in totality.
Agallocha Fera is one of the Agallocha Oud oils that are clean, smooth, incensey and fascinatingly feral. Just imagine a ferocious Oud but without barn, skank and fecal elements that are NOT inherent traits of Agallocha Oud oil at all. AF exudes so comprehensive a scent that it seems to be the co-distillation of Oudwood collected from all renowned areas and all Agarwood species. Its dark scent has fairly a white a yellow floral sheen having a tinge of wild honey. But the dominant aspect is its being feral without disturbing the people around. Tabeer managed the batch abiding by the rules t distill oil having absolutely intact Oudiness, Sylheti Agallocha Oudiness.
Swipe and be lost in the world of fragrant wonders!

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0.2g High Recovery Vial, 1gms (Highrecovery Vial), 2.5Gms, 5gms, 10gms


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